Press Release: Spread the Word!


With the encouragement and help of Joyce, today we’ve begun to promote the NunRun to local and national reporters and news sources. Please help us get the word out! Click here for the PDF of the press release.

I’m delighted to report that Headline Bistro has published the release on their site!


A little running related action: Today I worked late but didn’t want to skip the run, so decided to take my usual 4 mile rout. Never again will I run along Rogers Avenue between Ridge and Clark after sunset. I had the benefit of witnessing several CPD cops chasing a suspect, along with at least 5 squad cars coming in as reinforcements after I had gotten beyond the area being questioned. Thankfully I was alright…but an important lesson learned about running at night.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. You are in my daily prayers…less than 18 days until the race!

23 Days…

One day soon...I hope to run in my habit, just like this Poor Clare Nun!

One day soon...I hope to run in my habit, just like this Poor Clare Nun!


I am sorry it has been such a long time since I’ve posted! Training is going well…and spiritual and financial generosity abound:

  • I reached the 10 mile mark this past weekend, running consistent 11.5 minute miles
  • I finally met Pegeen, who is running with Joyce, Rosemary and I! Check out TeamNunRun for some updates and photos on the team
  • St. Paul has really been interceding for me. I was having some knee troubles recently, and my prayers were really answered, and training continues!
  • I don’t have a count for donations online or via mail to the Laboure Society, but to date I have received over $1,000 in checks written to me personally! These are from friends who do not have giant incomes…and are generously sacrificing to help me say YES to Jesus.

As we work toward the September 13 Chicago Half Marathon, please keep myself and TeamNunRun in your prayers. Not only are Joyce, Pegeen and Rosemary helping me by promoting TheNunRun and running with me: many others are helping as well! My Mom, Grandma and friend John-Paul have been wonderful in spreading the word, T.J. is working his media connections for some national coverage and friends like Kelly, Marcella and Linda are planning local fund-raising parties.

Every day I am more clearly aware that a Vocation is not just for an individual, but for the entire people of God. As a Franciscan Sister, every day I’ll have the opportunity to invite others to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, as I grow closer and closer to Him. The support and generosity of all my friends who are helping me with TheNunRun is a witness to just how beautiful friendship and community are. I could not do this without God’s grace and their generous spiritual, financial and practical support.

Please join us in this effort! Visit Donate Today to make a tax-deductable gift (follow the directions and embedded links)! Above all, keep TeamNunRun in your prayers…God bless you, and know of my daily prayers for you!