Run for Nuns!


Ave Maria! What joy I have to share–this is really God’s generosity at full-throttle!

In January I received an email from a seminarian for the Pittsburgh Diocese named Patrick. He and his classmates, along with a Deacon and two Priests, are planning to run the Full or Relay Pittsburgh Marathon…for future nuns!! These men of God are sacrificing time, prayers and much effort to train for and fund-raise to assist myself and three other young women in paying off our debts so that we can answer Jesus’ invitation to Religious Life!

Please join me in praying for Michael A., Patrick, Deacon Tom, R.J., Michale R., Carl, William, Fr. Dennis and Fr. Mike. The Pittsburgh Marathon is on May 2! You can learn more about these generous seminarians, deacon and priests online at, and follow the team on Twitter @RunForNuns. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, please plan to be in the crowd to encourage them on race day. Also, please support their efforts to raise funds!! May God bless them for their generosity and great charity! Bear in mind, I have never met Patrick or his classmates–he stumbled upon the NunRun online, and offered to help. What a gift!

One thought on “Run for Nuns!

  1. Alicia! I didn’t know you had a blog – I LOVE IT! I was just reading your reflection on the AWAKEN blog – and I saw that you have this one too.

    Praise God for your BEAUTIFUL witness! Reading the story of your calling has inspired me to write down the story of my own calling (to marriage). Even if I’m not quite ready to share it yet.

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