Blessed Holy Week


Jesus died for our sins...may we live for Him!

Jesus died for our sins...may we live for Him!

Ave Maria! Dearest friends, peace to you as we enter into the holiest week of the year! I am sorry to not post more regularly, but I think I’ll have a little more time now that Lent is winding down.

Thank you for your prayers and support–the Shamrock Shuffle was great! I finished the 8K in 48:11, which was awesome. It was cold when we began, and somehow I ended up one of the last to cross the starting line…but that only meant I basically ran the entire race passing thousands of others–in fact, I finished around 11,000 out of 25,000, so that was a good boost for my running confidence.

I have great news! Joyce and I are going to travel to Pittsburgh for the Half Marathon on May 2! I was just on the phone with Patrick, one of the very generous seminarians who will be running either the relay or full Pittsburgh Marathon to help raise funds for myself and two other future sisters! Have you visited yet? Please check it out!

I am working with Patrick to put together a PR plan to get some good media exposure for Run for Nuns. If you have connections, please let me know–this is such a beautiful story. Priests, seminarians and a deacon running and offering up prayers and sacrifice so that we can be free to enter religious life! It is so counter cultural, and so beautiful!

Please pray for all of us as we are training for this race. Emily, one of the future sisters, is actually running the full marathon! Right now Joyce and I have mild injuries (I have a double ankle sprain), so please pray for a good recovery. In the mean time, it is just another gift to offer up for the Glory of God!

Know that you are all in my prayers, and I am so humbled by your generosity and love. Please spread the word about Run for Nuns and the Nun Run! We need your support–both spiritual and financial–so that we can be free to give ourselves completely to Jesus!