Grace upon grace


Ave Maria! What a blessed weekend in Pittsburgh. Thanks to the generosity of my dad, I was able to fly out to the City of Bridges where Joyce met me at the airport. Thankfully we made it to St. Paul Seminary just in time for a beautiful Mass and Evening Prayer with all the Run for Nuns people! It was such a joy to meet Patrick and the other seminarians, priests and deacons who have given so sacrificially of their time, talent and prayer for myself and the other future sisters. I also got to meet many of the TOR Franciscan Sisters from Ohio, as well as some other wonderful young women. The spirit of Christian love and joy abounded!

Thanks to Thom and Candie who so generously opened their home to Joyce and I. We got up on Sunday before dawn to head into the city for a 7:30 start time…and Thom and Candie were downstairs at 6 AM to send us off!

The race itself was…awesome!  I did have some mild ankle issues leading up to the race that truncated training, but by the grace of God it went really well! My finishing time for the Half Marathon (and new PR) was 2:21:04!

I was able to meet up with some of the Run for Nuns team after the race, and everyone was in great spirits. Please keep William, one of the seminarians, in your prayers, as he has  foot injury from the race.

Not only did they and do they continue to pray and sacrifice for us, but the Run for Nuns team has also broken their initial goal of raising $15,000!!! Sometimes God moves mountains…other times, He detonates them!

Thank you for your love and prayers, and please keep the Run for Nuns team, the seminarians, priests, deacon and future sisters in your prayers! Don’t forget to visit to donate! Know of my daily prayers and sacrifices for you! We’ll get a photo up soon!