Marathon Training…and other such things


Ave Maria! It’s been a month since I’ve posted…and a busy month indeed! I continue to train for the Chicago Marathon (Oct. 10) and the 1/2 Marathon (August 1), and training is going well!

Through the generosity of family and friends I was able to travel to the East Coast to visit my parents and extended family over the 4th of July weekend. From there I headed out to Colorado to visit some very good friends of mine. I spent a few days in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I’d never been before, and I was absolutely stunned by the beauty. I woke up by 5:30 each morning so that I could pray and watch the beautiful sun rise upon the mountains. What a gift!

And…the mystery of my foot/ankle injuries is solved! One of the muscles in my right leg is weak, so it had caused me to alter my form which set everything else out of whack. After a visit to Tom, a local Chiropractor in a town near where I stayed in CO and a new pair of sandals courtesy of my friend Jane, I’m on the road to recovery! Praise God!

Sunday was a 10 mile day–brutal in the heat, but wouldn’t miss that training run! With less than $29,000 to pay off, I have a lot of motivation! Our community is set to begin Novitiate this fall, but if I don’t have my debt paid off, I will have to continue to work and wait to begin Novitiate.

God has been so incredibly generous, and so many of you have been very kind collaborators in God’s generosity. I trust in His goodness!

We have a new Nun Run event in the works which I’ll announce soon, but in the meantime please spread the word about the Nun Run and keep me in your prayers. You are remembered in my daily prayers and sacrifices! God bless!